Ricardo Ministro is a certified dog behaviourist (OCN Level IV) by the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers, a certified specialist in Aggression and Reactivity in Dogs, a Member of the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers, and also the founder and owner of Connected Behaviour and Reactive Dogs Solutions.

He has been sharing his life with animals for several years now but has always felt inspired by dogs since a very early age. This has pushed him into pursuing a professional career in this field. His goal is to help both dogs and people live together as a team.

His work focuses on providing the necessary knowledge and skills needed for strengthening the relationship between dogs and humans, whilst creating a path in which they can live a fulfilled, interconnected life.

Ricardo believes that with full, up-to-date knowledge, any training or behaviour modification can be done without inflicting discomfort or pain on the animal; therefore he rejects the use of any aversive tools in an attempt to shape the animals’ behaviour to fit the human’ needs.

Ricardo develops his profession further every day, by constantly attending various seminars, conferences and courses. He also continues to research into dog behaviour and training on a regular basis, making sure he holds the most relevant and up-to-date knowledge on his expertise. He is very passionate about his profession and plans to help many people develop a loving relationship with their dogs.

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