Dog Behaviour Dunfermline


Is your Dog lacking life skills or showing behaviour problems that you would like to solve?

The majority of Dogs will show behaviour problems sooner or later in their lives.

Dog Training Dunfermline

I am here to help you and your Dog overcome that.

Is your Dog showing Fearful, Reactive or Aggressive Behaviour?

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– Is your Dog showing behaviour problems?

– Do you feel out of control and stressed about your Dog’s behaviour?

– Are you looking for professional help with your Dog Behaviour in Dunfermline or Edinburgh area?

I can help You and your Dog to achieve a better life through one-to-one training sessions in Dunfermline, Edinburgh and Nearby Areas.

Do you know what are the most common dog behaviour problems?

• Aggressive or Reactive behaviour towards humans and/or other dogs
• Fearful Behaviour
• Possessive Behaviour (Resource Guarding) over food, items, places or people.
• Predatory Behaviour (Intense chasing of other animals, especially smaller ones)
• Destructive Behaviour
• Overexcited Behaviour around other Dogs and/or People
• Lack of social manners (pulling; jumping; not coming when called)

If your Dog is showing any of the behaviours above, I can help!

With Positive, Respectful and Compassionate Training Methods I will help you to achieve the life you want to have with your Dog.

• The one-to-one sessions are 60min long and will run either indoor or outdoor depending on the behaviour problem the dog is showing.
• You can either book a single session or a pack of sessions.
• You will have full e-mail support throughout the training process.

Contact Now if you would like to get more information or to book one-to-one sessions with me.




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