Building Connection to reduce “scanning”

Good morning all, Here is a short clip of my previous session with Teken the rescued dog. Teken can get over-stimulated when she sees other dogs in the same area. She will lunge, bark and sometimes run around in a frantic manner when she sees them. Obviously, when she does not see them, she stillContinue reading “Building Connection to reduce “scanning””


Bruno the Rescued Staffie, Destructive Behaviour – Conclusion

BRUNO THE RESCUED STAFFIE, DESTRUCTIVE BEHAVIOUR – CONCLUSION A few months ago I was requested to visit Bruno to help out in some issues in the house. “Bruno has been destroying the house for several months… Doors, floors, carpets… He also knows how to open doors and destroyed several christmas gifts, books, torn apart toiletContinue reading “Bruno the Rescued Staffie, Destructive Behaviour – Conclusion”