The Basics about Dog Food

Many of us buy food for our dogs, but many of us still follow brands rather than ingredients.

The bad news is that many “big brands” produce shit food. Simple as that.

The packages are shiny, the brands have good marketing (they say that they are advised by the professional veterinary associations) the prices are high (which make us think that it should be good) and then, their composition is nothing more than really bad.

Check the video to know more,

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Dog Behaviourist Ricardo Ministro


Handling Skills w/ Carmen the G Retriever

Reactive and Aggressive Behaviour in Dogs can be very intense for both dogs and humans to experience.

But the truth is that the way we handle such dogs can impact them immensely in a positive way.

I will even say that many dogs become reactive because of the way they are handled by their humans, and not really because of other dogs, humans or any possible triggers.

And the truth is that, no matter how long the therapy is to help such dogs with reactive or aggressive behaviour, if we do not master the skill of handling the lead properly, we will not achieve so good results.

In this video, this is exactly what we are practising.

Proper handling skills to help Carmen in her reactive behaviour and help us to feel more confident, relaxed and ready to implement training without mistakes.

How much do you know about Handling skills?

Thank you,

Dog Behaviourist Ricardo Ministro

The Matching Law – Simple but Powerful

Do you know about the Matching Law?

Probably not, but it is one of the most basic and active rules in Behaviour.

And it is simple, but it is powerful!

It applies to us, to dogs, and to all animals.

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Dog Behaviourist Ricardo Ministro

The Power of Choice – A Reflection on Alfie’s session


We all enjoy being able to make choices…

And we usually feel frustrated when we can’t.

The ability to make Choices is one of our biggest needs, the choice to choose what is best for us, the choice to achieve our goals, the choice of choosing our path in life.

And what about Dogs?

Do they need that same thing?

Do they need to feel the freedom to make choices?

Will their behaviour improve if we provide choices?

Check the video for more on that!

Thank you,

Dog Behaviourist Ricardo Ministro

Jess the Romanian Dog, Nervous Behaviour – S.3

My work with Jess the Romanian rescued dog continues and we are doing well!

Jess can get a bit nervous around other dogs and will sometimes lay down and lunge at them.

In this video, you can watch us working together through positive training methods only to actually help Jess feel better and improve her behaviour around other unknown dogs.

And by the way, “letting the dog figure out stuff by himself” is rarely a good approach to Behaviour.

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Dog Behaviourist Ricardo Ministro