Approach & Ethics

Ricardo Ministro approach to Dog training and the Human-Dog relationship is based on Trust, Respect and Compassion.

Trust, Respect, and Compassion are the foundations for any relationship to develop and endure.
And the relationship between Humans and Dogs is no different.

Through science-based, positive and empowering experiences, Ricardo Ministro teaches Humans and Dogs the necessary skills to develop deep relationships, overcome life obstacles and live fulfilling lives.

Code of Ethics:

  • Provide a service based on Honesty, Professionalism and Wellbeing for all the parts involved.
  • Use only positive training methods and equipment with any Dog under any circumstances.
  • Reject the use of harmful or disrespectful training methods with any Dog under any circumstances.
  • Keep Professional Development through workshops, courses and seminars.
  • Respect clients’ privacy and confidentiality.
  • Provideonly science-based, proven dog training methods.
  • Prioritize the Dog(s) Safety and Wellbeing under any circumstances.
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