Building Connection to reduce “scanning”

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Here is a short clip of my previous session with Teken the rescued dog.

Teken can get over-stimulated when she sees other dogs in the same area.

She will lunge, bark and sometimes run around in a frantic manner when she sees them.

Obviously, when she does not see them, she still looks for them the majority of the time.

We have been working for a couple of weeks now and there are really cool improvements including her ability to disconnect from other dogs and join us.

This is a simple exercise we did to improve Teken’s connection with her parents and reduce her “scanning” behaviour.

This can be done indoor or outdoor with any dog depending on their level.

The reinforcement rate can be gradually reduced over time for those who might think “but I cannot feed my dog all the time”
You are right, but this is how we need to start.

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Dog Behaviourist Ricardo Ministro

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