Clova, Reactive Behaviour around other Dogs S.2

Good morning all,

Here is a video of my second session with Clova and I am sharing this one so you can see how much progress can be done in such a short time when the right methods are applied.

If you have not watched the previous video of my first session with Clova then you should so you can follow up with the process.

Clova and her mom came to see me because Clova started to show lunging, barking and snarling behaviours towards other dogs when on lead.

As you can watch in the video we are making use of appropriate lead handling skills and marking more desired behaviours in the presence of dogs.

Because Clova is a really fast learner she quickly understood what to do in the presence of other dogs and that allowed us to get really close by the second session.

It is important to understand that a high rate of reinforcement in the presence of other dogs is going to build a classical conditioning effect as well.

We are still working on it but at this pace, things will be much better soon.

Any questions or thoughts are welcome.

Thank you,

Dog Behaviourist Ricardo Ministro

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