Working with Blaine on Recall and Over Stimulation around Tennis Balls

Good morning all,

Here is a short clip of yesterday’s session with Blaine.

You shared a post about Blaine previously, but if you did not see it here is an intro.

Blaine and his parents came to see me because they were having problems with recall.

Blaine loves tennis balls but would get overstimulated around them and once he would have access to them he would not come back to his parents when called.
Blaine is a very social dog and he loves to meet other dogs, but if they had a ball he would steal it and run away from both the dogs and the humans.
Drop a ball was also completely impossible in these conditions.

During 3 sessions, we worked on calmer behaviours around balls, improved the recall and taught Blaine to drop a ball on cue.

Yesterday we mixed up all those together and with Blaine off the lead in the centre of the park, Blaine came every time when called, was able to drop the ball the majority of the times when asked and had a couple of interactions with other dogs with their own balls a never tried to steal them. I would say that it was a perfect walk in the park.

I am super happy with the massive improvement over the last couples of weeks and this is, of course, a result of the work we carried out in the sessions but also out of them by Blaine’ parents!

Thank you,

Dog Behaviourist Ricardo Ministro

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