Kimba the rescued staffie, Obsessive and Destructive Behaviour towards balls

Good morning,

Today I am posting a video of the work I have been doing recently with Kimba the rescued staffie.

Kimba is staying at Staffie Smiles Rescue waiting to be adopted and meanwhile, I had the opportunity to assess him and see what behaviours might be problematic at the moment.

The only behaviours that I see as “problematic” are around toys and especially balls. Kimba gets overstimulated in the presence of balls and will be very motivated to get them. He will chase them, grab them, and sometimes destroy them. He can also take them from our hands and that can obviously be an issue.

As the majority of behaviour issues in dogs, this is something that he learned in the past and now he is in the process to learn something else, and it is my responsibility, at the present moment, to teach him that.

Although I have been working with dogs in the past with the same issues, it was only when I had the chance to get in touch with Sarah Owings to actually fully understand, or getting a different, more clear perspective of what is going on in this type of behaviour problems (Thank you Sarah!).

Obviously, through learning, the balls, the environment itself, became cues for the behaviours of “intensity”, “chasing”, “grab”, “destroy”, “steal”, “runaway”, “protect”.

Now, with the work I am doing, what we want to do is that the balls and the environment where they are present will cue “calm”, “relaxed”, “controlled excitement”, “ability to wait”, “play”, “chase and share” “gentle approach”.

This video was based on video footages recorded previous to Christmas, but I decided to share with you the beginning so that you can follow the process.

Thank you, Dog Behaviourist Ricardo Ministro

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