Thank you 2019!

2019 Portrait

A letter to you.

Thank you.
Thank you for being part of this.
This reality that was just a dream in the past.
Thank you to all of you who follow this page, my work, and my evolution.
Thank you to all of you who took a few moments of their 2019 to show some appreciation and support for my work.
Thank you for all my clients for being such amazing humans and do their best for their dogs, making my work a daily pleasure.
Thank you also to some of you, humans who follow my work, and then gossip about it in my back. Thank you for spending your time speaking about me.

This year was definitely a breakthrough year for several reasons.

I must thank you all, but there are a few to whom I should not only do that but also mention how important part of this year you are.

Thank you John McGuigan for all the opportunities and support over this past year.
Thank you Steve Mann for literally guiding me in one of the most challenging training situations I ever had and would not go through if it was not for your simple and direct reply. “keep attending and keep doing the best you can”.
Thank you Agnieszka Janarek for providing the possibility to make part of such amazing team at Tromplo and connect with all of you.
Thank you Dani Birnie for the lovely images captured during my sessions.
Thank you Bruno Santos, for guiding me in this path of self-development and find strategies to accomplish my goals.

Thank you, honestly. I feel blessed.

Best wishes for 2020!

Thank you,

Ricardo Ministro

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