Rusty, Resource Guarding – Building Trust around Food

Short clip of my previous session with Rusty.

I posted about Rusty already, but if you have not seen it, here is an intro.

Rusty was showing aggressive behaviours towards family members when he was eating his meals.

He would use his body to block any approaches, eat faster if somebody would be in the same division and in some instances he did growl and snap.

We have been working together for a couple of weeks now and all is going well.

He is now eating much slower when his mom is in the same division, she can move around confidently without worry about him, and their relationship as improved during the process.

Although, when a dog is showing resource guarding/aggressive behaviours around food, toys, or other items, the behaviour modification protocol has to be applied by every person in the house.

Just like we Humans… Just because we trust one person, does not mean we trust everybody.

There is a process, for each person we meet.

Same with Dogs, same with Rusty.

Here is a short clip of one stage of the protocol which is being implemented by rusty’s dad at the moment.

From here, we will move to the next stages of the process until Rusty will be as relaxed with dad as he is with mom at the moment.

Please be aware, this is ONLY one part of the process, and should not be used as the “solution” for one of your dogs.

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Dog Behaviourist Ricardo Ministro

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