It is not the Dog’s fault.

When a Dog has a hard time to succeed in the goals we have previously set, it is not the Dog’s fault.

The fault is the in the Environment we have created for the Dog.

There are several factors that will influence the results we get from a training session.

Some factors are within the session and the responsibility of the Behaviourist.

Some factors are Not within the session, but they still need to be addressed if we want to change the behaviour of a dog.

Be aware of your Dog’s daily life.

Be aware if he is resting, sleeping, playing eating, sniffing and relaxed overall without any daily confrontations with anything.

These all happen outside of the sessions, and these all affect the results we get with them.

Changing Behaviour is Not Only about teaching a dog to do something, but also make sure the dog’s daily life is set appropriately for a better future.

– How many times have you “failed” on something simply because you were to stressed with something else?

Yes, that happen.

It happens to us, and it happens to them.

Care for your Dog, Care for his Environment.

Thank you,

Dog Behaviourist Ricardo Ministro

Photography @Purplethistlephotograp

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