How to make a Dog love his area? Watch this.

Finding problems to get your dog used to his pen, bed, crate or room?

The answer is in this video.

Here you can watch an exercise we did we Gertie the pup to get her used to her new dog pen.

I know that many of us get the best beds, the best pens and even leave inside the best toys… but sometimes that is not enough to make our dogs love their place and choose to be there, rest there, sleep there.

We need to work on it.

We need to make this place special and full of positive experiences and make them feel comfortable and safe there.

At this stage, we prepared a really tasty Kong for Gertie and she is enjoying it inside of her new pen.

This will be the only place she gets really tasty Kongs so that we create really strong and positive associations with the place and chooses to be there more often.

This is just the first stage of the process, but over time, with some other exercises, we will have a Gertie that enjoys being in her dog pen and feels safe there even if there will be nobody at home.

Got questions?

Drop them below.

Thank you,

Dog Behaviourist Ricardo Ministro

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