Building Connection with a Rescued Dog

Do you have a Rescued Dog?

Do your Work with Rescued Dogs?

If you do, then you probably have noticed that due to their past experiences they might be very focused on everything the environment is offering but not on you.

The lack of Connection between a Dog and ourselves is going to influence several areas in our Relationship with them and also the things we would like them to do.

In this short clip, you can watch a simple but effective exercise that will increase your Connection with the Dog, improve the Relationship and also create strong foundations for behaviours we all like to see in dogs like connected walks, recall, response to name and many others.

This is Bella, a Rescued Staffie Cross.

In the first session, she was very disconnected from her mom and not confident.

Here we already see some improvements and Bella’s Connection with her mom getting stronger and her focus being improved by that.

I posted a video of a Recall Training Session with Bella a few days ago where Bella did really well for the first time. That was only accomplished because we worked in the foundations of it like you can watch in this clip.

Feel free to use the same exercise with any dog and share it with anybody who works or lives with Rescued Dogs.

Do not expect things from a Dog, be Proactive and Work for IT.

Thank you,

Dog Behaviourist Ricardo Ministro

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