Rudi the Rescued Staffie, Fearful Behaviour S.2

Recently I met Rudi the Rescued Staffie.

Rudi is a super lovely girl that becomes worried and stressed when outside and will not accept unknown dogs close to her.

After going for a short walk around the neighbourhood we realised that there was no point to continue because Rudi was too worried about the environment and not able to learn what we had to teach her.

So we decided to go back to a safer zone, just outside her home, so that she could relax a bit and start to learn.

Here is a short clip of our session where we worked in several exercises to build Connection and Trust so that she will feel more confident, safe, and connected to her mom and able to expand her comfort zone.

Feel free to use the exercises yourself with your Dog, they will help!

Thank you, Dog Behaviourist Ricardo Ministro

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