Handling Skills w/ Carmen the G Retriever

Reactive and Aggressive Behaviour in Dogs can be very intense for both dogs and humans to experience.

But the truth is that the way we handle such dogs can impact them immensely in a positive way.

I will even say that many dogs become reactive because of the way they are handled by their humans, and not really because of other dogs, humans or any possible triggers.

And the truth is that, no matter how long the therapy is to help such dogs with reactive or aggressive behaviour, if we do not master the skill of handling the lead properly, we will not achieve so good results.

In this video, this is exactly what we are practising.

Proper handling skills to help Carmen in her reactive behaviour and help us to feel more confident, relaxed and ready to implement training without mistakes.

How much do you know about Handling skills?

Thank you,

Dog Behaviourist Ricardo Ministro




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