Taz the Staffie Cross, Reactive Behaviour – S.6

We are getting closer!

I posted about Taz before, he is a staffie cross that was attacked in the past by another dog and became very reactive to all dogs.

His family tried to deal with the problem for a while with different equipment and approaches, but things were not improving and they decided to get in touch with me.

We have been working for a while now and we are seeing really cool improvements in his behaviour.

To change behaviour we must understand it’s function, respect the dog’s needs and work from there.

All these ideas that are spread over the world community that dogs need “masters”, “alpha roles” and simply “be obedient” to behave “well” are pure bullshit.

What dogs need is to feel safe and stable within their environment.

Just like any being, just like any human.

Do not believe if somebody will tell you to use force, intimidation or pain to achieve certain goals with your dog.

Do not believe if somebody tells you that you need to be “the master”, “the alpha”, and that is why your dog behaves in xyz way.

Again, that is PURE BULLSHIT.

Even if that is coming from your neighbour or your local “dog trainer” or “behaviourist”!

Dogs Need To Be Respected and Helped.

Not Controlled and Intimidated.

Get in touch with me if you want to understand more, I will be happy to explain to you all the dark side of using force or intimidation with a dog, for free!

Comments and questions are welcome unless you will defend punitive methods in animal training. If so, You will be deleted from this page, no extra time.

Dog Behaviourist Ricardo Ministro




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