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Video of a recent session with Harvey the baby Vizsla.

Some of you may already know Harvey, but for those who do not know…

Harvey is a Vizsla pup, and he is a lucky one!

His parents took the great decision of starting his education from the beginning of his life to make sure he will learn and experience what is necessary to grow into a confident, social and happy dog.

I met Harvey before his first walks in the real world, where we worked in some foundation training at home like wearing a harness and lead, foundations of clicker training, recall and the most important one, connection.

The video below is a short clip of one of Harvey’s first walks in the real world.

It was a simple walk, but with loads of important steps in between.

During this walk, we worked on lead handling, positive associations, reinforcement of desired behaviours in the presence of possible triggers and overall connection between the human and the dog in the real world.

If you are thinking to get, or you already got a pup, then I will advise you to invest in their education through positive reinforcement training from an early age.

Do not wait for the problematic behaviours to come, and especially, do not wait for the problematic behaviours to develop in serious issues that might even make you think to drop your dog at a rescue…

There are methods and tools to deal with any behaviour problem.

Every Dog can improve their behaviour!

In any case, always choose Positive Reinforcement Training.

Dog Behaviourist Ricardo Ministro

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