Dog Training Dunfermline: Dog Walk Blueprint

Dog Training Dunfermline
Dog Trainer Dunfermline 
Dog Behaviourist Ricardo Ministro

Walking Dogs is a daily routine for many of us, and even for those who do not do it every single day, it should still be part of the agenda on a regular basis.

The problem is that many Humans see the dog walk as another task, as another job to do, as another chore.
And that, sometimes, is not even consciously understood by oneself.
The results of it are walking dogs in over-stimulating environments, walks dogs in a rush, or walk dogs in a fast pace to exercise them physically…
The truth is that such type of walks is not going to improve a dog’s quality of life or their behaviour.
In fact, it might do the opposite.
A walk should be a time to slow down, reconnect, explore and be mindful of the present moment.
Some of you might be thinking just now that your dog is not “label ( calm, relaxed, obedient, interested, etc) ” to engage in such walks…
That is not far from the truth, and I can say that with confidence because I have been implementing such walks with highly aroused rescued dogs, and that has greatly decreased their arousal level and even showed me completely different dogs from the ones I saw inside of the kennels!
Take a breath, slow down, relax, and enjoy the walk with a Dog.
Thank you,

Ricardo Ministro


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