Dog Training Edinburgh: Lemmy the Shih Tzu, Reactive Behaviour – The Process

Dog Training Dunfermline
Dog Trainer Dunfermline 
Dog Behaviourist Ricardo Ministro

“Problematic Behaviour(s): Fear of other dogs….if close to him…snarls/growls barks+tries to lunge at them…
Not too good with new people/strangers either.”
Lemmy’s mom.

I met Lemmy a couple of weeks ago after I received the message above and we have been working on Lemmy’s reactive behaviour since then.

We started by implementing appropriate lead handling skills and then reinforced more desired behaviours while making use of the correct distance at each stage to not make Lemmy feel intimidated.

After a few sessions, we can see really nice progress since our first session, although there is still some work to do.

Congratulations to Lemmy and his family for the effort they have been putting in in the training process.

Hard work pays off.

Questions welcome,

Ricardo Ministro

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