Dog Training Dunfermline -Staffie, Reactive Behaviour – Behaviour Therapy Session

Dog Training Dunfermline
Dog Trainer Dunfermline 
Dog Behaviourist Ricardo Ministro

Recently I met Dakota the Staffie.

Dakota does not feel comfortable when strange dogs approach her and she will react if they do so.

We have been working on her associations with other dogs around her and also on more desired behaviours in their presence.

We are still at the beginning of the process but we can already see some improvements in her behaviour.

And I would like to leave a note here.

If you have a Dog with Reactive or Aggressive Behaviour, avoid using any tools or methods based on dominance, intimidation or pain.

And even if you are told by a “trainer” that this is how it is done, it is not.

Putting the Behaviour Science on the side, I think we can all agree that Positive Experiences are much better for a learner and will increase the quality and results of the learning process.

If you are uncomfortable or afraid of anything, would you learn to not be by another person screaming, hitting, or intimidating you in any way…?


Questions are welcome,

Thank you.

Ricardo Ministro



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